Which is the croup of languages spoken by the largest number of people in India?

A. lndo-AryanB. DravidianC. Austro-AsiaticD. Sino-Tibetan Share the PostRelated Posts:Which country has the most languages in the world?A two number committee comprising of one male and the female…Throughout the Ages the maximum number of streams of people…Which industry provides jobs to Read More …

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The National highways system is the responsibility of

A. State GovernmentsB. Central GovernmentC. A special Roads AuthorityD. State and Central Government Share the PostRelated Posts:Responsibility of OS developers to add new feature in…The second largest river system in India, next to the Ganga…Which of the following operating system Read More …

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The commodity which accounts for the maximum volume of goods transported by the railways in India is

A. iron and steelB. coalC. mineral oilD. metallic ores (other than iron ore) Share the PostRelated Posts:S sells certain goods to B of Bombay. The goods are handed…In case of Non -Profit making Companies books of accounts…A solid consists of Read More …

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Which one of the following towns is not situated along the Grand Trunk Road?

A. AllahabadB. LucknowC. AgraD. Kanpur Share the PostRelated Posts:India has the world’s highest road which connectsThe world’s longest bridge, Danyang–Kunshan Grand Bridge,…Grand Central Terminal, Park Avenue, New York is the…The length and breadth of play ground are 36 m and Read More …

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Which one of the following shipyards makes warships for the Indian Navy?

A. Cochin Shipyard, CochinB. Hindustan Shipyard, VisakhapatnamC. Mazagaon Dock, MumbaiD. Garden Reach Workshop, Kolkata Share the PostRelated Posts:Who was the first C-in-C of Pakistan Navy??Which of the following rivers makes an estuary?Which of the following makes sure that data is Read More …

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