The Network topology that supports bi-directional links between each possible node is

A. RingB. StarC. TreeD. Mesh Share the PostRelated Posts:Which layer links the network support layers and user…A question paper had 10 questions. Each question could only…In a network with 25 computers, which topology would require…In a network with 25 computers, Read More …

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In session layer, during data transfer, the data stream responsible for the “control” purpose (i.e control of the session layer itself) is

A. Regular DataB. Typed dataC. Capability DataD. Expedited Data Share the PostRelated Posts:A butane isomerisation process produces 70 k.mole/hr of pure…”The architecture of IoT consists of different layers…In anthropological research is one which has generated…When an Instrument is drawn conditionally Read More …

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The ________ measures the number of lost or garbled messages as a fraction of the total sent in the sampling period.

A. Residual Error Rate.B. Transfer Failure Probability.C. Connection release failure probability.D. Connection establish. Share the PostRelated Posts:__________is an application for collecting messages sent in…_______ refers to two characteristics: when data should be…n an election between two opponents, one got 65% Read More …

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Start and stop bits are used in serial communication for

A. Error detectionB. Error correctionC. SynchronizationD. Slowing down the communication Share the PostRelated Posts:In asynchronous serial communication the physical layer…For Stop-and-Wait ARQ, for 10 data packets sent, _______…A train can travel 50% faster than a car. Both start from…Three men Read More …

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