Ans. Sindhi was made the official language in Sindh by the Britishers. 52-akhri alphabet in Sindhi-Arabic style was treated in this period. 1st Sindhi book-‘Baab-Namo’ (Darsi book) was published after the Slndhl alphabet was created. Baab Namo was written by Nande Ram Mceranl. Mirza Qaleech Baig belongs to this period. He Is the father of Sindhi literature and prose. ‘Sao Pan ya Karo Pan’ is the autobiography of Mirza Qaleech Balg. The first English Sindhi dictionary was written by Deputy Collector of Sindh George stack. The first book on criticism in Slndhl was “Meezan-ul Shair” by Syed Fazil Shah. Sir Henry Bartle Frere was commissioner of Sindh who ordered for the creation of Sindhi alphabet. Sindhi alphabet was created In 1853. Mr. Elis was the head of the committee to create the Slndhl alphabet. The first novel of Slndhl is Raseelas by Samuel Johnson translated by Sadhu Naval Rae & Munshi Udhararri Thanwar Das. 1st drama of Slndhl is Laila Majnoo by Mirza Qaleech Baig. 1ST Afsaana of sindhi is “Sudhatori & Khudhatori” By Miran Muhammad. 1ST essay book in Sindhi is ‘Maqalat-ul-Hikmat’ a book of Francis bacon translated by Marza Qaleech Baig. Mirza Qaleech Baig is the ‘shams-ul-Ulema’ (sun of scholars) of Sindh. Bedal Faqeer & Bekas Faqeer belonged to Rohri. John Keats of Sindh is Bekas. Real name of Bedal Faqeer is Qadirb Bux Bedal. Real name of Bekas Faqeer is Muhammad Mohsin Bekas. Umar Bin Daudpoto is the shams-ul-ulema (sun of scholars) of Sindh. Umar-bin-Daudpoto, of Talti—Dadu, also remained member of Pakistan public service commission from 1950 to 1955. Dr. Hotchand Molchand Gurbuxani was the 1st Ph.D. from Sindh. His Ph.D. was from London university in 1928 on the topic “mysticism In-English poetry” ‘Muqaddam-e-latifi’ is a famous book by Dr.Gurbuxani.

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