Ans. Shah Abdul Latif is the greatest poet, born in Bhit shah, near Hala in 1689. And the collection of his poetry is known as “SHAH jo RISAlO”. He dies at age of 63 years in 1752 Shah Habib is the name of his father. And Shah Abdul Karim Bulrri Waro was the grandfather of Shah Latif. Special Khalifa of Shah Abdul Latif was timar Faqeer and his real name was Haji Ali. The horse name of SHAH ABDUL LATIF WAS “CNANGAL”, Madan Baghat was a Hindu poet of Sindhi language and one of the close friends of SHAH ABDUL LATIF, When SHAH ABDUILATIF was a young man, Mian Noor Muhammad Kalhoro was the ruler of Sindh. When SHAH ABDUL LATIF was old, MIAN GHULAM SHAH KALHORO was the ruler of SINDH. SUFI SHAH INAYAT SHAHEED’S (SUFI FRIEND OF LATIF) URS is celebrated on 14th SAFAR”. URS OF SHAH ABDUL LATIF is celebrated on the 14th OF URS (RAD-UL-AWAL) every year. In 2017,274 URS OF SHAH ABDUL LATIF was celebrated. TIMAR FAQrER took care of ‘“TANBORO “ of SHAH ABDUL LATIF after his death. During the attack of AHMED SHAH ABDALI ON SINDH, the age of LATIF was 56 years. During the attack of AHMED SHAH DURRANI on Sindh, the age of LATIF was S8 years. ATTAL & CHANCHAL were two singers who helped LATIF in the collection of SHAH JO R1SALO. SHAH JO RISALO kept in the museum of London, was collected by DR.TRUMP, The first collection of SHAH JO RISALO is known as “GANJ”. It was in the custody of TIMAR FAQEER, afterward In the custody of his family. GANJ means “TREASURE” (KHAZANA). GANJ R1SALO was collected by ABDUL A2EEM famously known as “WADDA SHAH”. GANJ was first time published in 1792, after 40 years of the death of SHAH ABOUL LATIF. 1st Sur of GANJI is “SUR SASSUI”. There arc thirty SUR [CHAPTERS) in SHAH JO RISALO. SHAH ABDUL LATIF was the poet of KALHORO PERIOD. SHAH ADUL LATIF of BHITT “book was written by DR. H T.50RLEY. The full name of DR.H.T.SORLEY is HERBERT TOWER SORLEY. The first Ph.D. on SHAH ABDUL LATIF was that of DR.H.T SORLEY. SHAH ABDUL LATIF of BHITT was translated Into Sindhi by ATTA MUHAMMAD BHABHRO “BHlT JO SHAH”. SHAH ABDUL LATIF went to meet KHAUWAJA MUHAMMAD ZAMAN LANWARI WARO in his last years of his life. AKHUND NOOR MUHAMMAD BHATTI was the FIRST Teacher of LATIF. SHAH Jl SOORMI-MOOMAL AND MOOMAL J1 MAARI” associated with her story in UMERKOT In SUR GHATO OF LATIF written poetry on “KALACHI JO KUN”. It Is located near “KIYAMANI” Karachi. Mian Wali Muhammad son of Akhund Noor Muhammad Bhatti gave the funeral bath (Ghusal) to Latif after his death. ATTAL & CHANCHAL gave the names of chapters (sur) of Shah Jo Risalo. The first time Shah Jo Risalo was published in 1866 in Leipzig Germany. It was published by EARNEST TRUMP. One of the Soormo of Latif was Mehar. His grave is in Shahdadpur. One of the Soormo of LATIF was Jam Tamachi. His title was Sultan Rukun-u-din. SHAH LATIF always accompanied 3 books with himself-” QURAN PAAK, SHAH KARIM JO RISALO, Masnavi Rumi”. Suhni, a Soormi of SHAH ABDUL LATIF, is engraved in Shahdadpur. A famous hypothetical story that SHAH ABDUL LATIF threw away his “SHAH JO RISALO “in the take. The name of that lake is “Karrar Dhandh”. The only female who collected SHAH JO RISALO was “Mai Mull Nalmat”. Eedan Razo was a man who belonged to SUKKAR that built the tomb of LATIF. Urdu translation of SHAH JO RISALO is done by Shaikh Ayaz & Agha Saleern. Siraeki translation of SHAH JO RISALO is done by Ustad Laghari. English translation of SHAH JO RiSAlO is done by Elsa Kazi, a German lady married to Allama I.I.Kazi, and Amena Khamesani. SACHAL SARMAST was 13 years when Latif died. There are only 22 sur (chapters) in SHAH JO RiSALO collected by Earnest Trump, There are 5 Sur (chapters) in SHAH JO RISALO about SUHNI. Ancestors of LATIF came to Sindh In the reign of Amir Taimor SHAH ABDUL LATIF wrote only Wai & Bait only. Village of Marai”, a soormi of LATIF, is near Nangar Parkar, Thar. Paigham-e-LATIF is the book of ‘G.M.5YED”. SHAH LATIF Ji Shairi is the book written by Tanveer Abbasi. Abdul Majeed Bhurgari brought SHAH JO RISALO in the E-book version first time on the internet. Ancestors of Latif belonged to Hirat. Allama i .i.Qazi compared SHAH ABDUL LATIF with Shakespeare. Niaz Humayooni translated 7 sur (chapters) of SHAH JO RISALO in Persian, Gul Muhammad Khatri produced artworks in the form of portraits, landscape, and calligraphic illustrations of the poetry of SHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITTAI. Therefore he is also known as Musawar-e-Latif. SHAH JO RISALO is translated into Arabic by OR. Fazal Raheem Soomro. Kirtaal Singh translated SHAH JO RISALO into Punjabi. Shah LATIF chair was established at Karachi University in 1986. Nadir shah attacked Sindh during the period of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai

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